Our Mission

The mission of the Moral Values Program (MVP) is to build stronger youth by focusing on five guiding principles:

* Courtesy  *  Integrity * Perseverance  * Self-Control  *  Indomitable Spirit * 

The goals of the program are to:

  • PROTECT children from neglect and abuse
  • PROVIDE for their physical and emotional needs
  • IMPROVE their academic performance
  • OFFER the moral guidance necessary to help them realize their potential as socially conscious and productive members of the community.

MVP is a community based organization which is soley funded by private donations.

MVP Anniversary Video

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

MVP Diamond Academy

MVP operates its own small private school, MVP Diamond Academy.

Mrs. Guerra, Director of Education

Food Program

Food is distributed from MVP’s gate to homeless  and needy families.

Students lend a hand

After School Program

Students from the surrounding areas receive help on homework assignments.
Martha Herrera, Director of After School

Thanksgiving/Christmas Events

MVP hosts holiday meals/gatherings for the local community.

Children enjoy an MVP Christmas Night

Your donations help us continue to support these amazing kids.